Jonas lost his hands during a volunteering job at his church. Many details were missed by Jonas during that activity, such as personal safety gears, paying attention in every move, analyzing the entire area before, and so on. 

Jonas has a great story of perseverance, faith, and courage. At the age of 26, he lost both hands in an electrical accident that changed his whole life. Jonas had to relearn everything again, from eating to changing his own clothes. 

SUP Clinic It's an experience envolving Jonas life's motivations, long-distance races, how to prepare for it, how to create the mindset to finish, adaptations, and much more.

Jonas became a professional athlete competing against the best athletes in the world, and even though he was the only athlete with disabilities competing he won many races all over the world, inspiring and motivating everybody. 


Jonas always fought for the environment, not only speaking up at conferences but also working hard, cleaning, planting, and taking care of nature.

Conversations about life and how we can collaborate more to have a better future. Jonas proves that limits only exist because we made them up.


Jonas has been traveling all over the world to share his testimony with thousands of people.  The message of faith, strength, gratitude, and perseverance has helping people to face problems and conflicts in their lives.  

Jonas started to compete after a tragical accident that almost killed him at the age of 26. He lost both hands after being electrocuted while volunteering at the church. 

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