Jonas was invited to be part of one of the most prestigious sports TV shows on CNN, "Fit Nation".

The CNN crew followed Jonas in Redondo Beach, where he lives, to show his training routine and preparation to the "Naish Columbia Gorge Race". CNN also covered Jonas performance during the event, which takes place in the beautiful city of Hood River, Oregon. 

Fit Nation


Jonas Letieri wanted to be a professional surfer, but after loosing his hands in an electrical accident , he became a professional paddle boarder instead.

11 Cities Tour 


220 km in Netherlands, accompanied by his Brazilian coach and the most renowned sports TV host of the largest television network in South America. 

First time nominated for athlete of the year, Jonas got second place among the best athletes in the world.

Jonas is the only athlete with disabilities competing against the pros. 

Dowmwind in San Francisco Quickblade

Dowmwind session in San francisco with Quickblade crew.

As a volunteer for his church, he designed and offered to install a church sign. During the installation on Oct. 30, 2011, he didn’t notice an electrical wire. The sign came into contact with it.

Both of his arms had to be amputated below the elbow.

His decision was to face that situation with braveness and thankfulness for being alive. 

Jonas started competing and became one of the best athletes in the whole world. 



"Second Chance" it's a book that shows how problems and obstacles can be the door to success. Through this book, Jonas shares in a simple way how life can be great and how every second of life should be enjoyed as the last one. 



With the same idea of the book, on this DVD Jonas shares his life experiences, how he overcame all adversities and transformed obstacles into opportunities.



Unstopble tells a litle bit of Jonas's story, his relantionship with Anthony Vela, Jimmy Terrell and Candice Apleby.

Extreme Planet

Rede TV

Danielle Soares conducts an interview with Jonas right after his latest accomplishment, the "Molokai to Oahu" race. He also talks about his life experiences, sports and Faith. 

Jonas's History  


This Tv Show talks about, Jonas's life, since the accident that almost killed him.

Second Chance it's a book that shows how problems and obstacles can be the door for success. 

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